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Challenges surrounding litter box usage is one of the main reasons cats are surrendered to the Animal Humane Society. Please help us by giving as much detailed and accurate information as possible.
Does your cat have 24 hour access to a litter box in the home?   No   Yes
If no, did your cat use the bathroom outdoors?   No   Yes
Is the litter box?   Covered   Uncovered
Is the cat particular about litter?   No   Yes
If so, what type or brand?
Does the cat ever have accidents in the home?   No   Yes
If yes, please describe the accidents:
Urinates outside the box, Urinates on clothing/furniture,
Defecates outside the box, Sprays on walls/furniture
How often was litter box scooped?   Every day   Every few days   Weekly   Other
Where was the litter box kept?
If you have other cats, how many shared a litter box?   One   Two or more   Many cats shared one box   Multiple boxes for multiple cats
If litter box accidents were an issue, when did they begin?   Past Week   Past Month   Past Year   Ongoing
If litter box accidents were an issue please list any event(s) that might have influenced or triggered inappropriate litter box use (moving, new baby, new pet).
If litter box accidents were an issue, please describe the measures you have taken to correct this problem.
Has your cat been to the veterinarian to rule out infection or underlying health issues?   No   Yes
If yes, what was the outcome?
Medical History and Behavior towards the Veterinarian
Has this cat ever had surgery?   No   Yes   Unknown
If yes, please explain:
How does your cat behave during visits to the vet?
Is there anything else we should know about your catís medical history?
Household History
Was this cat allowed outdoors?   No   Yes
If yes, did you have him or her on a harness and leash while outside?   No   Yes
How did your cat usually interact with the following in your home?
Cats, Dogs, Children, Unfamiliar adults
Does the cat do any of the following?
Jump on counters, Scratch furniture, Chew Plants, Scratches doors/cabinets, Chew personal items, Climb curtains, Digs in garbage, Vocalizes too much, Other
How did you attempt to correct the problem(s)?
How would you describe this catís usual behavior?
Friendly to family, Very active, A clown, Couch potato, Friendly to visitors, Playful, Aloof, Withdrawn, Shy to family, Affectionate, Talkative, Independent, Shy to visitors, Quiet, Lap cat, Playful, More like a dog, Fearful, Fearless, Solitary
When playing does your cat ever bite, scratch or exhibit behaviors you would consider rough?   No   Yes
If yes, please explain
Where does this cat like to sleep?
On furniture, In his/her bed, With a person, Anywhere, sunny/warm, No preference, Under furniture
Are there any wonderful, special traits or habits that you would like his/her new family to know about?