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Do you take your dog outside to go to the bathroom?   No   Yes   Paper Trained
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How does this dog let you know it needs to go outside?
Does your dog have accidents in the house?   No   Yes
If yes, how often?   Daily   Few Times per Week
  Few Times per Month   Few Times per Year
If yes, does your dog:   Urinate   Defecate   Both
Is the dog crate trained?   No   Yes
If yes, how long did the dog spend in the crate each day?
How long can your dog "hold it"?
How long is your dog left alone without people?
When alone, is your dog:   Outdoors   Free in the House
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When left alone does your dog:   Destroy Household Items   Urinate
  Defecate   Bark   Cry   None
If your dog destroys household items check all that apply   Chews woodwork,walls   Chews windows,doors
  Chews furniture   Chews clothing,shoes
  Chews toys   Other
When you are home does your dog:   Destroy Household Items   Urinate   Defecate   Bark   Cry   None
How does your dog react to bathing, handling such as petting or hugging?
Are there areas on the dog’s body your dog does NOT like to be touched?
Ears, Mouth, Tail, Collar, Rear End, Paws, Nails or Can Touch Dog Anywhere
If touched in the above place(s), how does your dog respond?
Moves away, Shows teeth,Growls, Snaps, Bites, No reaction
Is the dog permitted to sit and,or sleep on furniture?   No   Yes
How does your dog behave in the car?
Enjoys, Afraid, Resists entering, Sleeps, Barks, Vomits, Urinates, Defecates, Never tried, Fine in a crate, restraint
What words does this dog understand?
Sit, Stay, Down, Off, Treat, Cookie, Come, Leave it, Drop, No, Fetch, Okay, Heel, Quiet, Other, None
What are the dog’s favorite kinds of toys?
How does your dog react when you or another family member pet or touch...
the bowl or food while eating, a bone, rawhide, etc while chewing, a stolen food item or object, a toy in his,her mouth, pet or move while sleeping. push or pull off of furniture. approach while next to another family member
Has your dog ever had surgery?   No   Yes   Unknown
If yes, please explain:
How does your dog behave during visits to the vet?
Does your dog have to be muzzled at the vet?   No   Yes
Is there anything else we should know about your dog’s medical history?
Is there anything you want a new family to know about your dog’s interaction with:
Men, Women, Children, Dogs, Cats, Other
Please tell us about your dog’s bad habits or fears
(chewing shoes, jumping on counters or people, hiding during thunderstorms etc):
Are there any wonderful, special traits or habits that you
would like his,her new family to know about?