Bainbridge Decatur County Humane Society

Lost and Found Pets, Bainbridge GA

Our lost and found pet listings are submitted by individuals and not by the staff of BDCHS.

Lost Animal Reports are posted on our Lost Animal page after approval of submitted lising.
This report does not guarantee we will recognize your pet or be able to notify you if your pet is admitted to the shelter.

If you have lost your pet, we suggest you not only submit your lost pet to our website and check our found pets page, but also check animals eligible for adoption. If you think you recognize your pet, please call us at 229-246-0101 so that we may hold him until you can visit the shelter and find out whether he is yours.

We hold stray pets for 3 days. Pets who are not claimed by their owner are then evaluated for adoption.

If you have found a pet, it is extremely valuable to submit it to aid in finding the owner.

See Lost Pet Listings
See Found Pet Listings

To post a report log in using
user - guest
pw - lostpet
Click on "Lost Pets" or "Found Pets"
then click
  (top right of screen)
After completing form, make sure you click on
  (top or bottom right of screen)

Lost your pet? Please post a lost pet report here.

Found a stray pet? Please post a found pet report here.